10 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress


Are you already stressing about the holidays? It's no wonder since Christmas decorations were up in August! Back in the days before the internet, before a hundred shopping stores within 20 miles, and being inundated with advertising before Halloween, we used to have an actual holiday season. Many of us looked forward to the few weeks [...]

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Which Apple Do You Choose For What?


So many apples, so little time!  Who doesn't love a fresh crisp apple in the fall? Or anytime of year for that matter!  Apples are great for a variety of things but it's good to know which ones to buy for what. Apples are a member of the rose family of plants, along with pears, [...]

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Saratoga Weddings and On The Go Concierge!


by Angela LaTerra - July 2014        Saratoga, NY  – On The Go Concierge, LLC is celebrating its grand opening! Busy lifestyles create incredible challenges between work and family needs. Balancing these demands has never been more difficult. Personal concierge services are the newest solution for busy professionals struggling to find time to balance [...]

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Are You Ready For Vacation?


School's out, summer is here! Many of us plan a family vacation away from home. There's always so much to do before you actually go on vacation. Here's some ideas on how you can take some of that stress away and make sure you've dotted your i's and crossed your t's. Home Always leave a [...]

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On The Go Concierge – GRAND OPENING


Check out the article by Saratoga.com about On The Go Concierge's grand opening! By Halie Greening on June 11, 2014 9:01 AM Craving more free time? Does your busy lifestyle make it difficult to get daily tasks done and still have time to enjoy your family and leisure time? If so, then this is one business you will surely [...]

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Mother’s Day Journal-Personal and Long Lasting!


Every mom enjoys receiving a Mother's Day card. If you're like me you read it a couple times, file it away thinking you'll save it and somehow it disappears into the abyss of various cards and letters from years gone by. Cards are expensive and for the most part short lived. If I were to [...]

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How to Host a Cinco de Mayo Party


Cinco de Mayo (the 5th of May) the holiday that commemorates the day the Mexican army defeated France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867) in 1862. Is it a big deal in Mexico?  No, not really. It's more of a way for us to honor Mexican traditions and culture. Or a [...]

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Don’t Drown Your Container Garden!


Watering and Drainage in Container Gardens Spring is here and it's time to think about your patio container garden. There's nothing better tasting than the fresh herbs and vegetables that you grow yourself! Here's some ideas on how to get started if you are considering a container garden this year. Choose the right pot Plastic [...]

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Oh My Achy Feet!


Swollen Ankles, Legs & Feet? If you're on your feet all day or do a lot of driving, chances are your feet and ankles pay the price and can be uncomfortable and swollen. This is more common when the warmer weather and humidity kicks in. Lucky for us, there are several essential oils you can [...]

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Grocery Delivery Taken Seriously


Many people like professionals, busy moms, and active seniors, spend a lot of time getting groceries. If you've had an unfortunate injury or illness and are cooped up at home you dread having to get to the store to re-stock or satisfy a craving of chicken soup or ice cream! The new Amazon Dash device [...]

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