Backyard Elegance With an Outdoor Chandelier


Entertaining for a party or small gathering? Impress your guests with an outdoor chandelier!  This is an easy DIY craft that will make your backyard or deck elegant and beautiful. And it's easy! Replace the light bulbs in an old chandelier with inexpensive solar lights.   You can get creative and add colored solar lights [...]

Backyard Elegance With an Outdoor Chandelier2016-11-03T12:54:08-04:00

Mother’s Day Journal-Personal and Long Lasting!


Every mom enjoys receiving a Mother's Day card. If you're like me you read it a couple times, file it away thinking you'll save it and somehow it disappears into the abyss of various cards and letters from years gone by. Cards are expensive and for the most part short lived. If I were to [...]

Mother’s Day Journal-Personal and Long Lasting!2019-03-02T11:22:03-05:00

Don’t Drown Your Container Garden!


Watering and Drainage in Container Gardens Spring is here and it's time to think about your patio container garden. There's nothing better tasting than the fresh herbs and vegetables that you grow yourself! Here's some ideas on how to get started if you are considering a container garden this year. Choose the right pot Plastic [...]

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Oh My Achy Feet!


Swollen Ankles, Legs & Feet? If you're on your feet all day or do a lot of driving, chances are your feet and ankles pay the price and can be uncomfortable and swollen. This is more common when the warmer weather and humidity kicks in. Lucky for us, there are several essential oils you can [...]

Oh My Achy Feet!2019-03-02T11:23:24-05:00

Spring Cleaning – Start with a plan!


It's spring, well technically it is anyhow! We all have some sort of spring cleaning we do and it can be overwhelming and easy to procrastinate if you try to do too many projects.  The first thing you should do is make a list of things that you notice right away that need to be [...]

Spring Cleaning – Start with a plan!2020-06-15T14:02:23-04:00

18 Useful Household Tips and Tricks


I found this great article with tips about topics from taming your wrapping paper to storing your cleaning supplies in your home.  You will even find a great way to fill a container with water that doesn't fit in the sink! Visit this site to learn more!

18 Useful Household Tips and Tricks2019-03-02T11:21:05-05:00
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