but not for reasons you think!


Coming home from the pet store is probably one of the most exciting moments in a dog’s life. Here, he gets to enjoy his bounty of treats, pillows, and most of all, loud, squeaky toys. But why on Earth do dogs love the sound that could drive nearly every other species insane?

The squeaky toys often resemble animals, or live prey that dogs love to hear. The squeaks resemble an injured field mouse, bird, or any other small prey, that gives away their position and condition that dogs thrive on with their hunting instincts.

Others feel like the squeak is just arbitrary, completely unnecessary to satisfy a dog. All the pup really wants in a rubber toy is complete access to it so he can enjoy chewing on it, fulfilling his natural instincts. The squeaking does amplify the dog’s pleasure, providing a pleasant cause-and-effect relationship with the toy.

Some simple tips to dog lovers: Squeaky toys do better with smaller, gentler dogs to avoid dislodging the squeaker and choking them. Also, rubberized toys are the better choice, since they are often dragged outside where plush toys pick up much more dirt and grime.