amazon-dash-272x323-150x150Many people like professionals, busy moms, and active seniors, spend a lot of time getting groceries. If you’ve had an unfortunate injury or illness and are cooped up at home you dread having to get to the store to re-stock or satisfy a craving of chicken soup or ice cream!

The new Amazon Dash device lets you add items to an online shopping list just by scanning them or saying their names — and then have those items delivered the next day via Amazon Fresh.slide2-image-_v340762974__7034eed8c6eb4faf128f9f56fffa9a15.nbcnews-ux-640-520-300x249

The Dash  as the device is called, is basically a barcode scanner and microphone that hooks up to your home Wi-Fi. Run out of bread? Zap it with the scanner — it’s a real laser-based one, like in stores — and the item (or closest equivalent) is added to your Amazon Fresh basket.

Alternatively, you can just hold down another button and say the name of what you need — “cookie dough,” or “flour.” (Careful — kids can and probably will add items both ways when you’re not around.) The Dash should recognize pretty much everything on Amazon and Fresh, which amounts to millions of items.

Pay online or via the Amazon app, and your groceries should show up in a day or two. What’s the catch? Well it’s only available on the west coast in larger cities in California and Washington state at the moment, and you have to be “invited” to participate in this service, and a member of Amazon Fresh which is around $299 a year.

This reinforces the fact that people are busy and are looking for ways to outsource some of their daily tasks.  At On The Go Concierge, we can provide this service for no annual fees, no hidden costs, or funky gadgets that you have to be invited to use.  An hourly fee for personal service and products delivered right to your door at your convenience. People in larger cities aren’t the only ones that have these needs, we recognize that and want to make your life easier.

Whether you need weekly groceries for your meals, basic items re-stocked, or are planning a weekend BBQ with some friends, why not take away some of that stress?