Every mom enjoys receiving a Mother’s Day card. If you’re like me you read it a couple times, file it away thinking you’ll save it and somehow it disappears into the abyss of various cards and letters from years gone by. Cards are expensive and for the most part short lived. If I were to go back in time to when my daughter was young I would have a Mother’s Day Journal that could be updated with poems, comments, photos, whatever she decided to put in there.

f60200e3985832071d89dd799c36d0cc-271x300What a great way to record history and it’s the perfect place to keep your child’s thoughts and heartfelt comments. You could even ask them to write why they think you are a good mom each year, and see how it changes over the years.

Have your significant other buy a pretty already made blank journal or get crafty and spice it up a bit with some personalization like a hand-print or a photo of the two of you. You could even cut out a favorite card and use that for the cover. Add a silk flower, a little craft glue and you’re in business! Tie it up with a satin ribbon. Take a photo every year of you doing something together and keep it in the journal. Make sure you date it.

Here’s some ideas and journals already made that you can buy from Etsy. Use this same idea and create a journal for your children on each birthday. This will be a treasure that you can hold onto over the years and laugh and reminisce about it when your children are older!