greatest-grilled-cheese-sandwich-TZT6pS-lg1In celebration of National Grilled Cheese Day on April 12th I thought I’d include some tips on how to make an awesome grilled cheese sandwich!

Let’s face it, grilled cheese sandwiches are personal. You can make it a 1,000 different ways.  There is no “best” grilled cheese because we all have different tastes. The one thing that they all  have in common is being ooey, gooey, and cheesy!

To make your perfect grilled cheese there are 2 things that make them spectacular, the bread and the cheese. You should choose a substantial bread like challah, Italian,  brioche or a panini.  Another tip is to use more than one cheese. Cheddar is the perfect base, then try adding gruyere and something mild like american or mozzarella. 2-3 cheeses are plenty!

You can enjoy this sandwich as is or get creative and start adding other ingredients like tomato, bacon, spinach, guacamole, turkey, etc. It’s endless. There are a lot of great recipes online and on Pinterest.  Here are 30 of them!

Stovetop Method

Butter each side of the bread.  Heat a large skillet over a medium flame for about a minute.  Place one slice of buttered bread on your work surface, making sure buttered side is facing up. Place the other half in your skillet, buttered side down. This way you can construct the sandwich in the pan without messing up your counter.

Put cheese slices on the bread in the pan, then place remaining slice, buttered size up making your sandwich complete. Since your pan is already heating, be quick so that you don’t over cook as you assemble. If you are adding more ingredients, you may want to turn off your skillet until it’s assembled. Cover with lid.

Cook for about 2 minutes until the undersides of the sandwich is golden brown and the cheese has just about begun to melt.  Uncover  and then turn sandwich over with a spatula and press them firmly down in order to flatten.  Cook for about a minute until the undersides turns golden brown.  Now flip the sandwich over again and cook for 30 seconds more or until the cheese has completely melted. Serve it immediately.

Complete this meal with your favorite tomato soup!