MariDogs and cats shed winter coats in the spring. That leaves more hair all over you, your furniture, and what I call “dust bunny tumble weeds” around the bare floors.


This, the heaviest of shedding seasons, begins when the weather gets warmer and can last from between three weeks to two months.

Here are a few tips to reduce shedding

Brush your pet thoroughly 2-3 times a week 

Continually removing loose fur will keep your pet more comfortable as the weather warms up and will reduce the amount of hair to clean up in the house.  Many pets love the sensation of being brushed, and they appreciate the bonding time with you.

Use a specialized shedding tool

These tools have very fine teeth that push through the topcoat to remove dead hairs from the undercoat. You can find a variety of styles and sizes for both dogs and cats.

Take your dog to PetSmart or PetCo for a bath 

Most dogs (mine anyhow!) love going to what we call “the beauty parlor”.  Most places have a de-shedding procedure that is great this time of year. It’s a little extra but gets rid of their thick undercoat and its worth it. I’m always surprised how much better they look and feel. Brush your dog regularly for a few days after as there is always more hair!  Don’t bathe your pets too often as this could dry out their skin and coat.

Prevent excessive shedding by feeding a premium food

Shedding is natural and normal for most dogs and cats. However, too much shedding and flaky skin can be a result of poor nutrition. Find food that is rich in omega-3’s and -6’s – fatty acids which pets can not produce themselves, but must be obtained through their diet for good health.

Consider supplements 

Fish Oil-Omega 3 has done wonders on our pets coats!  Their skin tends to be dry in the winter just like us, so giving them these supplements has made a big difference on their skin, coat, and general appearance.